Residential pool cooler for swimming pools with steps

Residential KYP Pool Cooler - for Pool Steps

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Does your pool have eyeball jets by the steps? If so, this one is for you!

This spray cooler is designed to be installed in place of a standard swimming pool return water jet (eyeball jets) at the steps or sitting area of a pool. There are 4 pieces to this part that allow easy assembly in any size pool. The pool-chiller product is made so that you can adjust it in any direction with ease.  All parts are made to be in the water so you can rotate this product in the pool so the spray flows out under the water. This product offers the most flexibility of any product of its kind on the market, so it isn't just for cooling and you never need to remove it during the pool season. This is engineered to be the best pool cooler on the market.

Just like the original, but for your steps!