KYP insert adapter for pool-cooling systmer
pool cooler insert adapter for KYP system
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, pool cooler insert adapter for KYP system

Pool Cooler Insert Adapter--OUT OF STOCK

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If you cannot remove the original threaded return jet insert from the pool wall, the Pool Cooler Insert Adapter will screw right onto the threaded insert that is stuck and allow you to install your KYP Pool Cooler.  We have learned through many installations that the threaded jet inserts that have been installed for years can feel like they are cemented in place and they are just not easily removed, even with the largest of tools made of the strongest of metals.  We didn’t want this to be a reason not to be able to use a Kool your Pool system, so we adapted and created the KYP Insert adapter.  It works great, is plenty strong, and will last you many pool seasons.  

This insert adapter allows you to use a Residential KYP Pool Cooler, and the Residential KYP Pool Cooler for Pool Stepseven when the insert just won't budge.

Note: Pro Tip:  Don’t chance damaging your pool liner.  If the aluminum removal tool used in accordance with the Installation Instructions isn’t allowing you to remove the threaded insert, just purchase one of these adapters and install your kool your pool.  Nothing at all will operate any different and you won't risk tearing your liner right in the middle of pool season. 

See Installation Instructions Here