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Our pool would be unusable in the summer without them. Last July our pool water was registering in the high 90s every day. Night time didn’t cool it off much and nobody wanted to swim in it. We installed 4 of these into our jets and balanced them to run overnight. The next morning we were in the mid 80’s and by day 2 it was a very enjoyable 84 degrees! We use them year round and kept our pool uncovered. Now that pollen is hitting, raising them a little helps keep the water circulating much faster and keeps the pollen from sticking to our side walls.


SC summers had our pool feeling like a hot tub. So unappealing and not refreshing when the temperatures soar Into the 90s for weeks at a time. These KYP Pool Coolers were a game changer. Installation just a few minutes and overnight the temperature of our pool dropped 10 degrees. It is easy to control the temperature by rotating the height of the spraying nozzle. And the spray is a great feature on a hot afternoon. Highly recommend Kool your Pool!


I can't believe I've gone this long without KYP! This product has given us back our July & August summer pool days! Never again will we endure hot bath water in the dead of summer. Great customer service, and great family company. 10/10 recommend for anyone with a pool!


Couldn’t make it through these SC summers without my KYP Pool Coolers. They keep the water temperature so kool!!  Thanks Kool your Pool!!


By late summer our pool was no longer cool or refreshing. We had a KYP installed and it was truly a game-changer! Not only does it cool the pool off quickly, but the serene sounds of the water filtering through radiates a resort, "spa-like" setting! We absolutely LOVE Kool Your Pool!


I love my KYP Pool Coolers!!! I have had mine for two swimming seasons and it only takes a couple of hours for my pool to get to a comfortable temperature! I want to upgrade soon and add the light features!


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Swim More, sweat less - your questions, answered!

KYP pool coolers spray into swimming pool lowering water temperatures in hot summer months

How long will it take to cool the pool?

The key to remember about a cooling a swimming pool is that you need to cycle all the water through the pump, through the cooling nozzle and back into the pool faster than the sun is heating the pool.  That is not an easy thing to do and competing products that we tested wont even come close to doing this because they just don’t have the right combination of flow rate (volume), pressure and water separation for efficient heat transfer. KoolyourPool is engineered for high volume, perfect pressure and the most efficient heat transfer possible so that your cooling is so efficient that you can get by with as little as 2 KoolyourPool Coolers in a residential pool.  No other product can offer this high efficiency cooling with only 2 coolers that still will cool faster than the sun is heating your pool.  That is the difference in the Engineered and Tested KoolyourPoolsystem.

With KoolyourPool you will begin feeling the difference within hours.  For any size pool it takes around 12 -24 hours to pump all of the pool water through the filter, so give it this time to cycle through the KYP coolers and you will be swimming in a refreshing, cool pool, guaranteed!

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Cool my pool, please

But how does it work?

That is where the nozzle comes in. We designed the nozzle with a very specific purpose. When the KYP Pool Cooler is rotated to spray above water - the water being pumped through the nozzle opening creates a venturi effect. This is a fancy physics term that means it basically pulls air into the stream of water and that is what allows the water to break down into smaller drops or “atomize.” These smaller droplets allow for a much faster heat transfer causing evaporative cooling - making your pool cooler!

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