Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Kool Your Pool different?

What makes the Kool Your Pool system unique to similar pool-cooling products on the market is the ability to have a high volume of water at the correct pressures required for atomizing (breaking the water into droplets) so that efficient cooling is performed (we’ll explain the engineering science below). KYP was developed by actual engineers who needed cooler pools to swim in. We realized many people were searching for how to keep pool water cool, so we literally engineered it to happen.

We also realized over the past 8 years of gaining customer feedback that not everyone can afford to purchase a KYP Pool Cooler for every return jet in their pool.  Some of the smallest pools that people installed on a budget have more return jets than pools more than twice their size.  For this reason, we kept working and developed the KYP Flow Through Plug that is a simple yet incredibly effective way of directing the water where we want it to go.  We also kept working for several more years after that to develop a high flow rate nozzle that would use physics to separate water droplets by pulling in air to grind against the water droplets while also separating the water stream by the complex design of the nozzle shape itself.  Having a nozzle to get these water droplets into their small form cannot be overstated because that is how we get an incredibly fast heat transfer (cooling) of the water.  All this explanation to say that the KYP pool cooling system can cool up to a 20’ x 40’ swimming pool (40,000 Gallons) with only two (2) KYP Pool Coolers installed and KYP Flow Through Plugs in all other return jets.  Now that is an engineered solution with the customer at the heart of all the work that we are doing.  The KYP Pool Cooling System is truly meant for all pool owners, big, small, in-ground, above ground, 2 systems or a KYP Pool Cooler for every return jet, it doesn’t matter, the KYP system is engineered to perform, period.

How does our swimming pool cooling system work?

Efficient cooling of a swimming pool means that we have to cool the pool water at a faster rate than it is being heated by the sun. If we didn’t design the system correctly, it wouldn’t do enough cooling to notice a difference on the hottest days of the summer. The key is cooling at a higher volume– That is where the KYP nozzle comes in. 

We engineered the KYP nozzle with a very specific purpose. When the KYP Pool Cooler is rotated to spray above water, the water being pumped through the nozzle opening creates a “venturi effect.” This is a fancy physics term that means it pulls air into the stream of water, which allows the water to break down into smaller drops or “atomize.” These smaller droplets allow for a much faster heat transfer causing evaporative cooling - making your pool chillier on hot July days when you need it most!

More on that fancy physics stuff please - How does the nozzle work? 

The nozzle uses two key physics principles.

First, the venturi effect which pulls air in when the water is flowing through the nozzle. The air and the water molecules are going at different speeds so they actually rub against each other, which breaks apart the water AKA “atomizes” it. 

The other principle is the “coandă effect.” Another physics term meaning the stream of water and air tend to gravitate toward the walls of the nozzle, which causes the stream of water to begin separating, which is what ultimately causes the fountain-effect you see in your Kool Your Pool system.  There are plenty of ways to atomize water, but none that do it with such a high volume of water flowing like our KYP Pool Coolers!  KYP does most of its cooling at night when the air is cooler.  Swimming pools heat up during the day when the sun is beating down on the water.  KYP works because it cools fast enough to drop your pool temp at night before the sun starts to cook your pool water during the day.  High volume, efficient, heat transfer is the key...and that is why KYP is successful where other products are not. 

The main idea is to move as much of your pool water as possible through a KYP nozzle so that the majority of your pool water is cooled.  Using one (1) KYP if you have multiple returns in your swimming pool just won't work.  You need at least two (2) KYP nozzles in pools that have two (2) or more returns.  Run them from late afternoon to mid-morning and watch the cooling happen.


Pool-Cooling System Questions

Can you turn the pool water cooler off? 

Yes! It’s very easy, and no removal is necessary. When you don’t want it to cool any longer, or to have a quieter water noise, you open the Bypass Valve (blue flat handle) and all of the water will flow back into the pool. 

(The system is designed so that water will automatically go through the bypass rather than the nozzle if the bypass is fully open - makes it easy! Yippie!)

 When you need to bring down your pool’s temperature again you can close the Bypass Valve, and the water will begin to spray into the air again. Water spraying into the air means your KYP system has begun to cool your pool.

Pro-Tip: If you don't want to cool the water but you still enjoy some relaxing water noise, simply rotate the KYP 180 degrees and open the Bypass Valve.  This will give you a beautiful bubbler for your swimming pool without the expensive installation of adding bubblers to your pool.

How long does it take to cool the pool down?

You will begin to feel cooler water temperatures within hours of installing your KYP Pool Cooling system.  To significantly cool any size residential pool regardless of size, it can take anywhere from 8 to 24-hours and this is dependent on the size of your pool pump, the number of pool coolers that you have purchased and installed and to some extent, what the weather is like that day and evening.  But have no fear, with the KYP Pool Cooling System, we have made sure that physics is on our side.

This timeline assumes that you have purchased and installed 3 KYP systems at 3 return jets in your pool. The key to cooling your pool is turning over the water to cool it faster than the sun is heating it, which means the more KYP pool-cooling systems you install, the quicker your system will cool your swimming pool. Note that installing only 1 KYP system in your pool in the summer months will not outpace the sun’s heat.

We recommend installing a KYP pool cooling system in every return jet in your pool for maximum cooling rate and at a minimum you must use 2 KYP pool coolers with KYP Flow Through Plugs installed in every other return jet location.

Our testing shows that the KYP swimming pool water cooler system can lower the temperature in a 40ft x 20ft pool from 95 degrees Fahrenheit to 85 degrees in one night with three KYP Systems installed on a dry night.  A humid night might take two nights to reach the full 85 degrees or lower.

How cool will my pool get?

We designed this with you in mind, so you get to choose what temperature you want your pool. 

The more water that you spray through the KYP Pool Cooler Nozzle the faster you will cool your pool water and it will continue to cool until it reaches the temperature of the night air.  It may seem hot in the evening in some places of the world, but your pool water at the night air temperatures is going to feel cold.  

Turning on or off the cooling of the KYP Pool Cooling system is as easy as turning the ON/Off valve either on or off.  On/Off in this case is the following. On –handle is sideways. Off –handle is up-down.  We write it like this because it can get greatly confusing when defining what is on and what is off with water flow.

The Spray Distance Valve is made to adjust the how far the water spray is going because not all pools are the same size or shape.  Keeping the water in the pool is a priority and this valve performs this task perfectly.  Turning off the on/off valve and closing the spray distance valve will turn off all cooling.  Remember –the Spray Distance Valve is not an isolation valve like you have on your house so it will not totally seal off the water, so if you see a small amount of water barely making its way to the nozzle, all is ok and we totally expect that.

To turn off the cooling and have a nice, turbulent water flow, rotate the KYP system so that the cooling nozzle begins to blast the water under the surface– this will help to keep the temperature of the pool consistent, too.

The versatility of the KYP system allows you the look, feel and temperature you need. Whether you need cooler temperatures, a fun water fountain or a soothing bubbler noise, the KYP cooler can create a vacation in your backyard. 

Install Questions

Where does it install in the pool?

Our KYP swimming pool water cooler system is installed in the return jets (eyeball jets) of the pool. For maximum control of your pool’s water temperature, we recommend that every return jet be fitted with a KYP system.  A minimum of two (2) for pools with two (2) or more return jets.

If you opt not to get a KYP Pool Cooler installed in every return jet, the Flow Through Plug must be installed to direct the flow and pressure to the installed KYP Pool Coolers.

We include two (2) KYP Flow-Through Plugs in the residential kit and they are very economically priced and available for purchase if more are needed. The KYP is designed to last for years, which gives you the option to add more KYP systems to your pool over time, rather than buying the swimming pool coolers all at one time. 

Click here to see our installation instructions 

Do I need to remove the KYP Pool Cooler every season or at the end of pool season?

The KYP Pool Cooler system is designed to be installed at the beginning of the pool season and either removed or winterized at the end of the pool season.  We simply can’t stop water from freezing when it gets cold outside and for this reason all water needs to be drained out of the KYP Pool Coolers by opening all valves and making sure that no water is trapped.  Sitting water freezes when it is cold outside.  Moving water freezes when it is incredibly cold outside.  The water freezes and then it expands and if it is trapped in your KYP Pool Cooler than something will break guaranteed.  Our preference is that you remove them, drain them and store them somewhere dry, above freezing and safe for the next pool season. 

I have a return jet built by my pool steps or ledge - what do I buy?

Just buy the regular KYP and change the installation configuration so that the bypass is straight out instead of straight down. 


Is it safe to install on my pool? Will it create any damage?

Yes, the KYP Pool Cooler is completely safe, and it will not cause any damage to your pool. With over 20 years of engineering experience, this product was developed with safety a priority. It has been tested in pools for 8 years to ensure its quality. 

One frequent concern is regarding the pool pump and if creating back pressure on the pump with hurt the pump.  The answer is NO, it will not hurt the pump in any way.  Pool pumps are in a category called “Centrifugal Pumps” and it is a very commonly used motor and pump combination for almost everything economical in the world.  The more water that it pumps, the more load that it sees and more power that it consumes.  The less water that it pumps, the less load that it sees and the less power that it consumes.  You could totally shut all valves going to the pump and all valves coming from the pump and run the pump with no water flowing and everything would be just fine.  

Another frequent question is regarding pools with variable speed motors and pumps and will the KYP Pool Cooler system cause issues.  The answer is that it will not harm that variable speed system.  You will need to balance your system with the use of the bypass valve on the KYP Pool Cooler and with the two .” screws in each KYP Flow Through Plug.  Remember, that is why we developed these products and they do work well for creating a nice balance between your automated Salt-Chlorine variable pump speed system and the KYP Pool Cooler system.  In fact, the KYP Pool Cooler system is the ONLY pool water cooling system that is designed to work flawlessly with Salt Chlorine variable pump speed automated systems.

Will this affect any of the chemical levels in my pool?

No, the KYP outdoor pool cooler will not change your pool’s chemical levels, as we’re not adding water to the pool, we’re simply moving the water around the pool differently to cool the water with science (see fun physics facts above).  

Have you ever noticed that a swimming pool needs much more chemicals as the summer kicks in, the outside temperatures reach crazy hot and the pool water gets really warm or even hot?  This is because undesirable organisms grow very well in warm/hot water and  you simply need more chemicals to combat all of the things trying to grow in your pool water.  Honestly, hot pool water is gross.  It has things growing in it that you can’t see and are definitely unhealthy.

The KYP Pool Cooler system will cool down your pool and in turn you will not need to use nearly as much chemicals or generate as much chlorine in a salt-chlorine generator system.  

Does this work on saltwater system pools and chlorine pools?

Yes. We designed the Bypass Valve (blue flat handle) specifically to allow for increased water flow preventing water flow alarms when used with a salt system for generating chlorine.

How many return jets does my pool have?

While every pool is different, you can count your return jets easily.Take a look around your pool and notice the round return jets (eyeball jets) that are located about 1 foot below the water level.

Product Questions 

What is the valve at the nozzle with the blue round handle?

This is the “Spray Distance Valve” (SDV), which is used to fine tune the distance of the spray. The normal position is 100% open. Slowly closing it shortens the distance of the spray.  

What does the blue flat handle at the bottom do?

This is the Bypass Valve; it regulates the strength of the spray and the temperature. Opening the bypass halfway cuts the water spray in half, therefore decreases the cooling. 

Opening the ByPass Valve fully turns off the spray and the cooling, sending the water straight back into the pool. 

Quick Guide - How to Use Your Pool Cooling System

The Bypass Valve can do the following: 

  •  Turn off the cooling 
  • Adjust the spray pressure to the levels you need (if the sprayer is sending pool out of the pool on full blast, adjust it to keep the water in the pool) 
  • Increase water flow preventing water flow alarms when used with a salt system for generating chlorine. 
  • Become a pool bubbler

What are the Flow-Through Plugs in the kit for?

If a KYP Pool Cooler is not installed in every return jet, the Flow-Through Plug must be fitted so that the flow and pressure can be directed to the KYP Pool Cooler(s) that are installed. 

The Flow-Through Plug replaces the return jet (eyeball) wherever there isn’t a KYP Pool Cooler installed. The Flow-Through Plug is designed and made with 2 removable plugs so that a small amount of flow can be allowed through the plug – hence the name “Flow-Through Plug.”  

The Flow-Through Plug is designed and made with 2 –removable 1/4” screws in the top.  Remove one of the 1/4” screws on each KYP Flow-Through Plug for normal use. If you start getting flow alarms you can remove the second 1/4” screw.

Note: For maximum control of the cooling in a swimming pool, we recommend that every return jet within the swimming pool have a KYP Pool Cooler fitted.

What’s the KYP Tool for? (AKA: Aluminum Removal Tool)

The return jet (eyeball jets) inserts that are originally installed in your pool are made so that you first unscrew the outer collar. You can then remove the outer collar and the eyeball; what you are left with is a threaded insert. The threaded insert should be unscrewed by hand. If the threaded insert proves hard to remove, you can use the KYP Tool (Aluminum Removal Tool). The KYP Tool will slide into the grooves, and you can then use a wrench or pliers from your toolbox to turn the tool and unscrew the threaded insert.

See KYP Installation Instructions Here

Pro Tip: Some of these threaded inserts have been installed for years.  As a result of this, forcing the old threaded insert to unscrew from the wall of the pool could cause significant damage to the liner. We recommend using our KYP Pool Cooler Insert Adapter instead of trying to force the threaded insert off. 

The KYP Pool Cooler Insert Adapter screws on allowing you to install a KYP Pool-Cooling System. If you think you won't be able to remove this collar we suggest buying this adapter to avoid damaging your liner. The off-season is the perfect time to remove old collars, as lower temperatures drop, shrinking the threaded insert and making it easier to remove. 

Will these parts need replacing?

No, all the parts are non-metal and perform great, whether in the water or above the water.

Do the night lights work on commercial pools? 

Yes. The lights will work on both types of pools.

Spraying Functionality Questions

Can you turn off the spray function? 

Yes! The On/Off aka Bypass valve is made just for this.  If you turn the on/off valve to the up-down position it will turn off the spray function.  If you want to go even further with turning off water flowing to the nozzle you can close the Spray Distance Valve. 

Can it spray underwater instead?

The cooling only happens when the spray is in the air. Cooling does not happen if it is underwater.

However, the spraying under the water is very therapeutic on your muscles. You can massage your back/muscles and adjust the pressure underwater with the Spray Distance Valve (SDV). You can also use the KYP Pool Cooler - For Pool Steps also.

Why would I want it to spray underwater?

Spraying under the water helps to keep your pool water mixed, which distributes the temperature of the water. Without a strategic flow, pool water tends to have stratification, where the cooler water is pushed to the bottom, while the warmer water stays at the top. Changing the direction of your KYP evaporative cooler helps maintain a consistent temperature throughout the pool. 

How do you change the direction to spray over water, to spray underwater?

You can manually rotate the KYP pool-chiller system until it sprays underwater.

General Questions

Does an evaporative pool-cooling system evaporate all of the hot water out of the pool?  Will I have to add water to make up for the water that evaporates?

The KYP Pool Cooler system will have very little effect on the amount of water in your pool.  We have found through testing and customer feedback that there is basically no difference in the amount of water that is added to your swimming pool as compared to a hot summer without the KYP Pool Cooler system.  We found that most water that had to be added was due to the water spray landing outside of pool.  For this reason, we engineered a swivel adjustment and a Spray Distance Valve to allow the owner to make sure that the water is landing back into the pool and not on the deck or concrete around the pool. 

Evaporative cooling is a natural occurrence (even without a pool-cooling system). An everyday example is when we sweat outside during a hot summer day and feel a nice cool breeze that immediately cools us off.  It cools us off because it evaporates a small amount of the sweat on our bodies, pulling additional heat from our bodies with it.

Evaporative cooling systems for pools work the same way. A small amount of hot water will evaporate, pulling the heat energy from the other water in the spray. That heat will float away from the pool, leaving the cool water to fall back into the pool. The process evaporates less than 0.5% of the water in a swimming pool.  

Do I buy the Residential KYP Pool Cooler Kit or Single Residential KYP Pool Cooler? ** If you have more than one (1) return and only purchase a single KYP, this will not cool your pool.  We recommend at least two (2) KYP's for any size pool unless you only have one return.

It depends on how many return jets (eyeball jets) your pool has. Our residential kit comes with 2 KYP Pool Coolers, a set of 2 Flow-Through Plugs, and one KYP Tool (Aluminum removal tool). 

If you need more than 2 KYP cooling systems for your outdoor pool, you will need to purchase an additional Single Residential KYP Pool Cooler, which has 1 KYP Pool Cooler in it.

Note: For maximum control of the cooling in a swimming pool, we recommend that every return jet within the swimming pool have a KYP Pool Cooler fitted.

For a visual chart to help you choose which product to buy for your residential pool --> Click here!

For a visual chart to help you choose which product to buy for your commercial/heavy duty pool --> Click here!

Do I need to buy the KYP Tool and Flow-Through-Plugs?

If you’re using every return jet (eyeball) with KYP Pool Coolers for maximum cooling, you don’t need the Flow Through Plugs and you can just purchase singular KYP Pool Coolers for the number of jets you have.

The KYP tool is an inexpensive tool that comes in handy on almost all installations for removing the threaded insert that is screwed into the wall of your pool. The tool is made to fit precisely in the grooves in the threaded collar to allow you to easily unscrew it. You will only need one KYP Aluminum Removal Tool per pool.

Do KYP Pool Coolers work for Commercial Pools/Community Pools? 

Yes. A community pool is larger than a residential pool, so more KYP Pool Coolers are needed. The recommendation for installing a KYP Pool-Cooling System on every return jet increases. 

Note: For commercial pools, make sure to purchase the Commercial KYP Pool Cooler, as we designed this version with a 1-inch riser that has stainless steel joints.

Are there similar products on the market?   

We have found 3 similar products categorized as an evaporative cooler for pools, however none of these pool-cooling products give you the control and added features of the KYP system. This is because our KYP Pool Cooler was designed and patented with the purpose of cooling water more quickly than the sun can heat the pool. Because of this, the KYP system will not clog, isn’t flimsy and has to be made with quality materials that will perform year after year.

How does the KYP Pool-Cooling System prevent clogging?

The KYP cooling nozzle was anatomically engineered to prevent clogging while maximizing the atomization of the water, which allows it to cool water more rapidly than other similar swimming pool chillers out there. 

The KYP system is simply the best pool cooler on the market and we know you’ll be happy with your decision, especially during the hot summer months when you will not be able to swim in a very comfortable and cool swimming pool.

Thank you for your support!

Our hope is that our KYP Pool Coolers help you and your family create even more fun summer memories, just like it’s helped us make memories with ours! 

If you’re asking yourself “how can i cool my pool water in the summer?” Look no more – Kool Your Pool has you covered. Click the link to get your Residential Kool Your Pool Pool-Cooling System today. For Commercial pools, go to the Commercial pool-cooling system page here.